What is 410 Stainless Steel?

What is 410 Stainless Steel?

Our Stainless Steel 410 is a simple martensitic grade that contains 11.5% chromium, providing outstanding resistance to wear and corrosion. Some food, chemicals, water, and air are resistant to corrosion by SS 410. Adequate tolerance is also demonstrated against nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, dilute acetic acid, and naphtha. With stainless steel 410, when it is hardened and tempered, high mechanical properties and corrosion resistance are achieved.

In applications such as dental and surgical equipment, automobile parts and more, our stainless steel 410 can be used.

410 Stainless Steel Applications

  • Type 410 provides good corrosion to water, air, and some other chemicals.
  • It shows satisfactory resistance to nitric acid, ammonia, concentrated sulfuric acid, dilute acetic acid as well as resistance to food acids is good.
  • The 410 Stainless Steel finds its applications in the Pump Shafts, Valve Components, and Gas and Steam Turbine Components.
  • These grades are used extensively in various industrial applications such as automotive exhausts, manifolds and high temperature engine components, Medical instruments and devices, Petro-chemical applications.
  • For applications that require high strength and heat resistance, 410 SS is commonly used.

Stainless Steel 410 Composition

The Stainless Steel 410 grade is made up of various elements such as Manganese 1.0 Max, Carbon 0.080-0.150, Chromium 11.50-13.50, Phosphorus 1.0 Max, Silicon 1.00 Max, and Sulfur 0.030 Max.

Properties of SS 410 grade

  • The SS 410 grade have excellent mechanical properties such as 65,000 MPa of tensile strength, 30,000 MPa of yield strength and 20% elongation.
  • They have good resistance to corrosion, excellent ductility and are well-suited for highly stressed parts.
  • 410 shows strong resistance to scaling up to 650 degree C in continuous operation. However, its usage at these higher working temperatures results in a noticeable decrease in tensile strength and hardness with corresponding ductility increases.
  • 410 has greater resistance to corrosion than grade 416, but less than grade 431. Even smaller than most ferritic stainless steels of the 400 series and all austenitic stainless steels of the 300 series. In the hardened and tempered state, it has maximum corrosion resistance and is therefore not recommended for use in the annealed state.
  • Grade 410 machines are better tempered and hardened as supplied condition R, and are considered to be readily machineable for all operations such as spinning, milling and reaming, etc., capable of being carried out according to the recommendations of machine manufacturers for the required type of tool, feeds and speeds.

What is 410 Stainless Steel?

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