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Aurum Alloys is a notable manufacturer and supplier of Stainless Steel Fibres in Mumbai, India. Stainless Steel fibres are discrete, short lengths of steel with a length-to-diameter ratio (i.e. aspect ratio) in the range of 20 to 100 and any of the many cross-sections that are tiny enough to be readily and randomly disseminated in the new concrete mix using a standard mixing process. Castable, ramming mixes, and concrete are reinforced with steel fibres (chopped or melt extract) to help with abrasion resistance and enhanced strength at lower temperatures. Hydraulic cement including steel fibre, fine and coarse aggregates, and cement are the ingredients of steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC). To improve the mix's workability, a superplasticizer is frequently employed. The entire matrix is reinforced in three dimensions by stainless steel and carbon steel fibres. They serve as microscopic reinforcing bars that prevent micro-cracking. The sooner a crack is detected and its progress is slowed, the lower the likelihood that it will become a significant issue.

Adding stainless steel fibres to castable is an effective approach to increase their resistance to spalling after drying. Additionally, the stainless-steel fibres can strengthen the mechanical characteristics to create robust cementitious composites for uses in advanced ceramics, refractories that are monolithic and pre-shaped, tunnels, and pavements.

Hooked Fiber
Stainless Steel Hooked Fiber
Crimed Fiber
Stainless Steel Crimed Fiber
Straight Fiber
Stainless steel Straight Fiber

Lightweight composite materials are replacing structural components in an increasing number of industries. For instance, bicycles, aircraft, or boat hulls are made of glass fibre or carbon fibre. A composite material that is extremely impact-resistant and has exceptional electrical conductivity qualities can be made using stainless steel fibres.

In many diverse applications, including the manufacturing of machinery and equipment, automobiles, and other heat-resistant materials, stainless steel fibres can be employed. Because they have better heat resistance and dampening qualities than fibreglass, they are the best substitute for it. Additionally, because they are supple and flexible, they are simple to form into various shapes for welding or moulding. Even at very high temperatures, stainless steel heat-resistant materials have intriguing mechanical characteristics including a strong tolerance to corrosion. They don't burn easily, don't react chemically with other things, and have great dampening qualities. Long-term stability follows from this.

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Stainless Steel Fibre Specifications
  • Standard : ASME/ANSI
  • Melting temperature : 1380°C
  • Maximum recommended use temperature for fibres and fabrics : +/-800°C
  • Colour and look: metallic grey
  • Density : 7,96 g/cm3
  • Elongation : 1 %
  • Ténacity : 20 cN/Tex (from raw material data sheet)
  • Thermal conductivity : 14,6-15 W.m-1.K-1 (20°C)
  • Electrical resistivity : 74 .10-6/Ω.m (20°C) , 108. 10-6/Ω.m (600°C)
  • Electrical conductivity : 10.E6 Siemens/m) : 1,32
  • Coefficient of expansion : 16.0 (100°C), 18.5 (20°C to 800°C)
  • Specific heat capacity : 500 J.Kg-1.K-1 (20°C), 545 J.Kg-1.K-1(600°C)
  • Recyclable : 100% recyclable fibre


SS Fibre Quick Details
  • Company Name: Aurum Alloys & Engineering LLP
  • Country/Region: India
  • Port: Nhava Sheva Port Mumbai
  • Main Products: Stainless Steel Fiber 
  • Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001
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Stainless Steel Fibers Applications
Chemical Industries
Chemical Industries
Paper Industries
Paper Industries
Oil & Gas Exploration
Oil & Gas Exploration
Pharmaceutical Plant 
Pharmaceutical Plant
Food & Dairy Plants
Food & Dairy Plants
Petrochemical Plants
Petrochemical Plants
Desalination Plant
Desalination Plant
Fertilizer Plant
Fertilizer Plant

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